iPad 2 Best Buy Rolling Out April 17th: Reserve Orders Also Taken

Demand for the iPad 2 far outweighed stock levels when it first saw light of day, and while Apple’s own online store quoted 4-5 week delivery times, that has since been reduced to 2-3 weeks. This has no doubt pleased those that have been waiting for their tablet to arrive.

However there are other outlets to purchase the touchscreen slate, one being Best Buy. While rumors recently suspected a “blacklisting” for the retailers shipment of any more iPad 2’s over a dispute with sales, a leaked memo shows that this may well not be the case.

As Apple Insider commented, Best Buy became one of the main outlet partners for the first and second gen iPad.

Now an internal memo has leaked information about the retailers plans for a promotional exercise for the iPad 2 starting on April 17. Reservation systems have been disabled but will be fired back up and continue for at least a week once the promotional period has stopped. According to a report by Engadget, the leaked internal memo said, “the iPad 2 will be featured on the front cover of the April 17 ad and because of this, the reserve order system will be turned back on on Sunday.”

As Best Buy state any reserve orders will take priority once the stores receive their shipments. The memo also stated, “the reserve order system will be turned on for the entire week of the ad, possibly longer.” There is instruction to employees not to hold units for customers for periods longer than 48 hours.

Stores are informed that Best Buy’s “Corporate Support Teams” are fully aware that sales demand is highly likely to exceed outlets stock levels. Therefore it is imperative that current reservations and new reservations are dealt with effectively to ensure satisfactory customer care.

Retail outlets are warned not to send buyers to other stores that may be showing stock, as these units are likely reserved, any store pick up facilities will stay unavailable. Employees however will be able to purchase an iPad 2.

Tell us if you have reserved your iPad 2, from where and how long you have waited?

  • John Baker

    I ordered a black 64 gig wifi iPad 2 from Best Buy over a month ago and as of today I was told that they do not have any iPads and the salesperson today "didn't know" about any promotion for tomorrow. I will not be too thrilled to see a promotion with immediate availability tomorrow when I have been waiting a month for a reserved iPad!