Facebook’s Lady Gaga, Britney Spears & More Raise Album Profiles

Since its earlier days, social networking site Facebook is now seeing some 600 million active users. As well as having the opportunity to create your very own personal profile, contacting friends and adding them to your list, updating your status, sharing photos and so on, the site is now proving popular in other ways.

Today Brenna Ehrlich over at Mashable has spoken about how Facebook is now being used as a way for music fans to engage with their favorite artists. For instance it was noted that when music albums are just about to come out, fans are taking to the site to find out more about the album and its tracks, what the artist has to say about it and the one important factor, of course when the album is about to release. Two such artists to experience a growing trend on Facebook according to FanGager are none other than Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

It was reported from FanGager that during last month, the Paparazzi star Gaga was the third most popular in terms of Facebook page engagement, with Spears at number nine. As we know here at OSM, in this day and age, social media is proving the best way to advertise and market your brand(s) and celebrities are no exception to this.

As well as the two stars mentioned above, others including Justin Bieber have risen in fan numbers. Even without a new album to speak of, the young teen idol seems to be engaging with his fans like never before.

Do you find yourself heading on over to Facebook to find out the latest goings on with your celebrity? If so, which one?