YouTube Viral Video Shows Girl “Animal Sounding” Talent

Video sharing site YouTube which enables you to upload, share and then view content from the craziest of clips through to the more serious is growing in popularity. Just yesterday we gave you news about the Empire State Building in NYC being hit by lightning a staggering 4 times in a thunderstorm on Tuesday night which was caught on camera.

Here at OSM we have given you news about individuals that have made it big through their hidden talent(s) or at the beginning of this month on April Fools Day, we reported that YouTube had gone back in time to 1911. Reported by Mashable, its the turn today of a lady by the name of “Mel” who has been spotted on the site impersonating different “animal sounds.”

In the short viral video below, the girl who started making the sounds in front of her friends, was asked to run through a list of animals from a monkey, parrot through to a sheep. Although to some it may seem a little crazy, Mel is actually quite good.

Bear in mind the clip can only be thought of as “a laugh” and nothing more, tell us what you think of Mel?