The Numbers Are In- How Did Google Do In Q1?

As the biggest internet site there is, you would expect Google’s financial results to be impeccable. Results do not lie and things are looking very pretty for the search engine giant in the first quarter of 2011.

So far this year Google has raked in a massive $8.58 billion in revenue, which is a 27% year on year increase according to reports from Musically. The company’s net income was estimated at $2.3 billion which is an increase of $1.96 billion, compared to takings back in the first quarter of 2009. It was not all perfect news, as Google’s operating expenses sharply those this year.

Costs rose from $1.84 billion to $2.84 billion in the last year, which analysts believe is a cause for concern. You could say Google’s primary business is their search engine service; however some will argue it is their hugely popular operating system, Android which is going to be their biggest money maker. Did I also mention that Google owns a little video sharing website called YouTube that millions of people visit each day?

Android has generated over 3 billion app downloads, with 350,000 new smartphones being sold each day carrying Google’s OS. Android is the software that many of the biggest smartphone developers such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola use to power their devices. Android was voted the most popular OS in the UK and predictions show that they will own half of the smartphone market by next year.

YouTube on the other hand is becoming so big it could rival Facebook and even Google themselves as the most used internet site in the world. Patrick Pichette the Google CFO, spoke about the video streaming site saying that “the platform has become win win”, and also that revenue is doubling year over year. So are Google’s financial figures as you expected? Leave us your thoughts.