HTC Sensation Vs The World: Comparison To Top End Phones

When it comes to the world of top end smartphones, there’s plenty out there to choose from along with a number of rumored devices and at the end of the day you will pick the device that suits you, your needs and your style best.

Pretty much every device focuses on one feature and builds around it but the way times are changing means that there are a number of great things about every top end smartphone. So onto one of the most talked about smartphones on the web at this current time against all the other smartphones, the HTC Sensation Vs the world.

The Sensation was previously known as the Pyramid and it certainly does have some pretty impressive specifications that Engadget’s Vlad Savov has kindly compiled into two separate tables. This is one of the most accurate comparisons that we have seen and could actually help you to make up your mind as to which smartphone you should choose. Check them out below.

Of all the mentioned devices which of these top end smartphones are you most interested in? Is there one particular one that you have been waiting for and now you have seen it line up against the majority of its competitors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.