Google Doodle: Charlie Chaplin Video Feature

We at OSM like to bring you the Google Doodles when they are active, some of the ones we have seen in recent times include the inventor of the steam locomotive, 50 years of human space flight with Yuri Gagarin and of course a hint at Google Android’s latest OS Ice Cream Sundae.

The Doodles are normally put in place when there’s a special event or in dedication to someone who has done something extraordinary or achieved something amazing. Today we have a new Google Doodle of Charlie Chaplin with video a feature in dedication to his 122nd birthday.

For those of you aren’t aware of whom Charlie Chaplin is or what he did we will give you a quick rundown. His full name was Sir Charles Spencer and he lived from April 16th 1889 and lived through until December 25th 1977. Chaplin was an Englishman who rose to fame mainly for his work around the silent film era although his talents included comic acting, film directing and he was also a composer.

He became one of the most famous film stars of his time as he used slapstick comedy and mime to draw his audience. You could look at this in another way, this is the original Mr.Bean, you could say that Chaplin did for film and mime what Michael Jackson did for music and dance choreography. If you haven’t seen it yet click here to be directed to Google, you can also see the video at the bottom of the article that features Google based comedy in the style of Charlie Chaplin. You can also head over to a dedicated website to the star on this link that has his biography included.

Is there still a market for this style of theatre? Are true iconic stars like Charlie Chaplin being discovered less nowadays due to the celebrity culture? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.