Apple iPad 2 vs Dell Streak 7: £100 Difference In Price, Keen?

Tablets devices have risen very quickly to the forefront of most peoples wish lists, and Apple’s iPad whilst starting the revolution has furnished us with a second generation slate to stay on top of its game.

So with the iPad 2 seemingly crushing the opposition, what does it take for another manufacturer to take a shot at the title? Well according to It ProPortal, Dell fancies its chances with their latest Streak 7.

Now we caught a glimpse of the Android 2.2 Froyo based 7-inch slate at CES 2011 back in January, but the latest news confirms that the Streak 7 has hit UK shores with a competitive price that undercuts the original Streak.

Whilst the first edition hit our radar back in 2010, the 5-inch tablet met with mixed views. As Eweek Europe remembers, some suggested that the Streak was too large and cumbersome to be a phone but too small to find its way into the tablet sector.

This obviously played on Dell’s mind, pushing them into bringing out the 7-inch version almost a year later. Slotting into Dell’s range the Streak 7 touches down with a starting price of just £299, this makes it £100 less than the iPad 2.

Unfortunately where it lacks in cost, it also lacks in pixel resolution. With figures of 800×480, the 7 manages less than half of that of the Apple. Honeycomb upgrade’s are out of the question as well due to the fact that to run properly the OS needs 1280×800 pixels.

Don’t the iPad 2 comparison put you off though because with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processing and 1GHz RAM, the Dell punches well above what its price suggests. In addition to the power, twin cameras pick up 5 megapixel out back with 1.3 up front.

A 3G model will be available towards the end of Q3, though the pricing for this is still in the pipeline. Suffice to say that it to will be reasonably priced in order to step up the tablet ladder. Tell us if you would consider changing your wish list to include the Dell Streak 7?