Android Users Wont Get Full HTC Sense 3.0 Interface

For owners of current HTC smartphones and devices who are looking to get a taste of the new Sense 3.0 user interface that comes with the HTC Sensation, you may be out of luck. It has been reported that due to hardware requirements the Sense will not make a full appearance on older HTC models.

According to Cnet, HTC said in a tweet that “Due to Sense’s hardware requirements, only our newest devices will be able to support it”; those being the Sensation, EVO 3D and Flyer tablet. It looks as if for now, Desire users and co will have to remain content with Sense 2.0. You can see in the image below how the new version of Sense sits on top of Android.

On a more positive note, HTC has since tweeted again and said that they will work to incorporate aspects of Sense 3.0 on to older devices as reported by T3. So it may not be all doom and gloom for users who want a slice of the new version of Sense. The amount of 3.0 features on previous HTC smartphones is unknown, but it is certain that owners will not be able to enjoy the full version.

We reported a few days back that the Sensation would be making its debut in May where Vodafone has exclusivity for one month. Once this period expires the handset will be offered by the other major operators which include O2, Orange, T-Mobile and possibly Three. Will the news that Sense 3.0’s unavailability on previous models impact sales? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.