YouTube: Empire State Building Proves Lightning Can Strike Twice

As the old saying goes, lightning can’t strike twice in the same place or that’s what we were led to believe. Video sharing site YouTube shows a short clip captured by user ESBisMyMuse when iconic American building “The Empire State” was in fact struck not twice but in fact four times.

During a big thunderstorm on Tuesday night across New York City, the named camera man managed to catch a good 30 seconds of footage of the building when the lightning struck three times. We say four in the first paragraph, because as reported, the building was actually hit a fourth time but the man at that time had finished filming. Since Tuesday, the online site has seen a staggering 44,000 views and rising with others such as Twitter and Facebook also joining in.

In a statement from ESBisMyMuse it was said, “ I caught three direct strikes to the Empire State Building lightning rod after midnight on 4/13/11 during a severe thunderstorm. I actually saw a fourth direct hit, but sadly wasn’t filming at the time. I’ve never seen so many hits on the ESB in one night. It was ridiculous! But so much fun to watch.”

Take a peep at the video below. Tell us if you have any weird and wonderful thunderstorm stories?