Rebecca Black’s YouTube Video Passes 100 Million Hits!

There is one video in particular which has been causing a real stir on YouTube over the past month and I am sure u know which I am talking about. Rebecca Black’s music video Friday has been one of the most viewed and talked about videos in YouTube history, recently surpassing 100 million viewings!

An increasingly common trend is young people uploading footage of themselves to YouTube in hope of being noticed and finding fame. We have seen the likes of Justin Bieber rise from being a nobody to a superstar and now Rebecca Black has done the same but unfortunately not achieved the same reception as she would have hoped. Despite having a titanic amount of hits, Black’s song has been labelled “the worst of all time”.

Once her music video started racking up views, Black hired a publicist and released the single, according to Metro. The YouTube video has over 2 million dislikes and around 263,000 likes. The single sold over 40,000 copies so there is clearly a fan base somewhere. Unfortunately for Rebecca, people who are yet to listen to the track will probably be warned by friends as it is notorious for being bad.

As all virals should, I heard of the video through word of mouth and have to admit it is pretty shocking. The style of music is very cheesy pop and is the sort of tune that would have been best suited to the ear back when Britney Spears was just starting out. We brought you news on Rebecca Black’s video a month ago just as it was getting big and recognised as a viral. We have embedded it for you below just incase you are yet to see it.

I do agree with the majority that Black’s song is pretty awful and annoying but I do not agree with the huge amounts of abuse she is getting. As bad as the music may be, there is no need to get nasty and personal as she is just a young 13 year old girl who wants to be a somebody. All of the negative publicity may have done just that and I am sure the 100 million hits may have made Black a tidy bit of cash. Is Rebecca Black’s song Friday really the worst of all time? The YouTube community thinks so, leave us your thoughts on it in the comments.