Nintendo Wii Price Drop In May: New Console Coming?

For those of you who have friends that own a Nintendo Wii and have helped them out in battles on Super Smash Bros, raced them on Mario Kart and collected bananas with them on Donkey Kong Returns we have some news that may interest you. You will soon be able to pick up a Wii of your own at a reduced price.

The Nintendo Wii is due a price drop, especially as many people think a new console is coming. We caught wind of the potential reductions through Engadget’s Sean Hollister where he tells us that the Wii is due to be cut down to $150 on May 15th.

The reductions certainly do make you wonder if the new Nintendo console is coming and also if it will have any compatibility with the new Nintendo 3DS that was released recently. There’s a lot of potential here for Nintendo to go ahead and release something into the market to wow people again, the Sony and Microsoft are undoubtedly weighing up the options of throwing in their new consoles but if Nintendo can get theirs out in the open first then they stand to make a lot of money.

So far with regards to the new console from Nintendo we have speculated about it being released in 2011 and also written a rumor roundup where we could see a new name for the console. So far we have had suggestion of the Wii 2 (not likely), the Nintendo Revolution (maybe) and the Nintendo Wii HD (most likely).

What do you think Nintendo will call their new console if it does come out? Will you be picking up a Nintendo Wii for $150? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • fingerfucker

    I'm ONLY buying it if it's called Super Wii