Internet Explorer 10 Revealed By Microsoft

Things move quickly in the world of web browsers. Less than a month since the release of Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4, Microsoft has already begun previews of the next version of their browser, named Internet Explorer 10.

Ben Parr over on is reporting that Microsoft’s next browser has been previewed at the Mix11 developer conference hosted in Las Vegas. Unlike Internet Explorer 9, this new browser doesn’t look dramatically different from the current version, but it does include upgrades to the hardware acceleration as well as to the CSS3 and HTML5.

This is only a preview build however, and additional previews of the new browser are scheduled to come out every 8-12 weeks. Personally I prefer to stick with the Firefox browser, but it’s good to see that Microsoft are committed to constantly upgrading their browser. This may be due to its competition from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, who seem to be gaining marketshare from them at a rapid rate.

With preview builds being released now, it seems that we still have a while to wait, but it’s good to see that Microsoft is giving us a head start on the upgrades to its web browser. For more information and a link to download the preview, check out the Mashable article.