Google Celebrates Inventor Of Steam Locomotive With Doodle

As you can see from today’s Google Doodle, the image is representing a steam locomotive train. This is because Google are celebrating what would have been the 240th birthday of its inventor Richard Trevithick. In recent weeks we have lost count on the Doodles we have brought you news on. Examples of these have included escape artist and magician Harry Houdini, Yuri Gagarin and his human space fight, Robert Bunsen and his Bunsen Burner invention, St Patrick‚Äôs Day, Valentines Day and so on.

Turning our sights back to Trevithick and his locomotive invention. By giving you a brief synopsis of the inventor’s achievements you will begin to understand how it all started. Many of you may not know that he was born on 13 April 1771 in the English county of Cornwall. Trevithick became the first to understand the high pressure steam engine and consequently built the very first fully fledged working steam locomotive.

In 1804, the very first locomotive hauled journey made its way along what was then the tramway of the Penydarren Iconworks in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. Shortly after this as stated, Trevithick’s work was recognised when the British empire made a 2 pound coin with his locomotive pictured on it.

A long way from his initial upbringings, Trevithick died in Dartford, England on 22 April 1833 at the age of 62.

What are your thoughts on today’s Doodle? Have you got a favorite? Let us know. To find out more on Richard Trevithick head on over to Wikipedia.