Facebook Commenting Upgraded: Now Login With Hotmail

Facebook has seen a lot of updates and upgrades over the last month or so with the inclusion of the new Questions, memorable status updates being re-tested (which hasn’t gone down to well) and also Canadian Facebook users calling for a ‘Love’ button to join the ‘Like’ button.

We have also told of how the post button has been removed on the commenting system in favor of a simple tap on the Enter key on your keyboard. Now we have heard through allfacebook.com’s Nick O’Neill that Facebook has launched a new commenting system that has been installed on more than 50,000 websites. With that in mind they have made a number of changes. With the Facebook commenting upgrade you can now login with Hotmail perhaps being one of the bigger ones.

Other amendments include larger news feed stories, O’Neill explains that there’s an expectation that items larger in appearance will start to increase conversation from news feed exposure. The other one big change that we briefly mentioned earlier is that you can now with a plugin, you will now be able to use your Hotmail account to post comments and it’s also worth noting that as things stand there’s nothing on the Facebook blog in terms of instructions.

For further details and full explanations of the changes (apart from the Hotmail update), head over to the official Facebook blog post. There will more than likely be further details of the changes coming soon so keep an eye out.

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