Connect With Your Furniture: Apple iPhone iTable Dock

We at OSM like to bring you some of the concept devices that we come across in our ventures across the Internet. Some of the ones we have brought you previously include the speakers in your sneakers, the wireless charging table from Panasonic and of course the Hyper Touch Guitar.

Today we have something else for you, something of equal quality and it has been designed for the Apple iPhone or perhaps the iPod Touch. It has a pretty slick design and it looks like a few iPhone 4 devices stacked on top of each other. This thing offers you the chance to physically connect with your furniture and use your Apple iPhone on the iTable’s dock.

It looks nice and it has some pretty cool features including the motorized system that works off the touch sensitive buttons that take your completely flat table and raises up a section containing speakers and it turns on the LED lights that also act as cup holders as mentioned by Engadget’s Christopher Trout.

The functional table was designed by Kyle Buckner and you can take a closer look at it either in the video at the bottom of the article or alternatively head over to their official website. They have a number of images from varying angles so make sure you have a peek.

What do you think of this concept device? Would you like something like this in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.