Apple Plans To Bring Wireless Syncing To iTunes

We have seen plenty of fantastic technology from Apple over the past few years, now Steve Jobs is looking to push it further by eliminating the need for wires in a majority of their products. This starts with wireless syncing on iTunes.

The legendary white cable which makes the connection between device and computer could soon be obsolete as Jobs plans to wirelessly sync devices in a similar way to how Wi-Fi works. Mashable has reported that the wireless syncing would be compatible with next generation iPods, not existing ones. The general idea is that the iPod will connect to iTunes like a wireless network and automatically sync upon connection.

Apple has hired an engineering expert called Kevin Kenney to help aid the project. Kenney specialises in carbon fibre, which is the most likely material that the new casing will be made from, with the existing cases being made from aluminium. A variety of materials are said to have been tested, with carbon fiber yielding the best results so far, according to Tech Radar.

There will be concerns about the signal strength of wireless syncing, as well as how much battery life it will consume. In my opinion it would be excellent to see a new type of iPod out later this year that can sync wirelessly; however the wire is never truly gone as there is the little matter of charging it, whether it be by cable or docking system which obviously has a wire.

Wires are becoming more inconvenient when it comes to technology, just take a look at the monstrous tangle behind your computer desk. The leading companies are trying to reduce the need for them as such as possible, but they will always be needed to feed our beautiful wireless devices with power. Is it too early for wirelessly syncing or should Apple get it out ASAP? Tell us in the comments section.