Apple HDTV Smart TV Release: Could Be Later This Year

Many of you will have heard of Apple TV, the small black box accessory, which recently received an update. However today we are talking about a ‘real’ Apple HDTV Smart TV with news that Apple is set to enter the TV market with the first release later this year.

Back in February we told readers about a rumor of an actual Apple TV set after Apple posted a job listing on its website for a position involving amongst other thing, TVs. That got people talking about Apple becoming involved in the TV industry although the talk was purely conjecture at that time, but we could only imagine what a huge impact a company like Apple could have on the market. Now it seems that the idea of Apple producing a TV set is gaining credence and becoming more solid.

Over on Apple Insider, Neil Hughes investigates a report that Apple may release an internet-connected HDTV by the end of the year. Ticoronderoga Securities analyst, Brian White, on attending a Chinese trade show, issued a note to investors saying that “data points” indicated an Apple Smart TV launch that would be a full-blown TV for the consumer market. Although the rumors of Apple entering this $100 billion market have been floating around for some time Apple appears to be gearing up for a launch quicker than anybody had anticipated. White went on to say, “The combination of Apple’s powerful ecosystem, industrial design savvy, powerful brand and ability to reinvent product categories could make Apple a powerful force in the TV world over the next few years.”

Well known analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has mentioned the possibility of an Apple HDTV product for some time and previously has predicted a starting price of around $2000 and a set up to 50 inches in size, although he expected no release before 2012. Ed Sutherland over on Cult of Mac also reports on this news and points out that the idea of an Apple HDTV “has a lot going for it,” citing Apple’s experience and knowledge with large screen monitors, flair for design and innovation and also it’s “Midas Touch,” that could really bring something new to the world of HDTVs.

Would you be interested in the first Apple internet-connected HDTV? What do you think Apple could bring to the market that others haven’t? Let us know with your comments.