Verizon CDMA iPhone 2012: Billion Dollar Revenue Sales Expected

On the lead up to the release of Verizon’s iPhone 4 just a couple of months ago, nobody at that time could gauge how popular the handset would be. Up until now the phone has been steadily moving along but today, we can now give you sales predictions for this year and 2012 reported from analyst Mark Moskowitz.

According to AppleInsider, Moskowitz of company J.P. Morgan Research has noted that Steve Jobs and his company could benefit from as much as $6 million with another $3 billion in overseas sales next year.

Following on from this, the research analyst also commented that in light of the popular CDMA version with the decision to choose Verizon, will now position the massive Apple to set their sites on countries such as Japan, South Korea, China and India. Next year he predicts Steve Jobs company and Verizon will see some 10 million iPhone units being sold bringing us back to the figure of $6 billion in revenue. In terms of sales overseas, the CDMA version will attract 10% of the 2012 market share giving the $3 billion in revenue.

As well as Asia, Japan and Greater China seeing a boost in sales, carriers such as China Telecom and India’s Reliance will benefit to, with China Telecom releasing a possible test program in Beijing in June with Apple’s CDMA iPhone 4. This is something that another research agency “Gartner” disagrees with. According to TechEurope, Gartner believe that Android OS will be the platform used by some 49% of all smartphones by 2012 and again by 2015, with Windows taking a second place position, therefore rising above Apple’s iOS iPhone.

If we take a quick glance at yet another of Apple’s successful devices the iPad, Gartner research report have predicted that Apple will take the overall market share for the next 4 years. Figures from them stated that iOS will account for 69% of the whole of media tablet OS this year, with 47% of the media tablet market in 2015.

They looked at Research in Motion’s new QNX OS which will be included on the new BlackBerry Playbook and in response to this, Gartner have said, “It is a strong platform that delivers on performance, graphics and multitasking features but predictions will only rise to 10% of the market share by 2015.

What are your thoughts on this? Can you see Apple being the dominant player in relation to smartphone and tablet sales?