Useful Apple iPad 2 Accessories: Pick of the Best

Since the Apple iPad 2 was released last month it’s success has been phenomenal, gaining great reviews, and with demand outstripping supply. We rounded up some of the best apps, and then business apps for once you’d got used to playing with your shiny new device, and now we thought it would be a good idea to give you an idea of some of the iPad 2 accessories out there and give you our pick of the best.

Of course you probably already know about the Apple Smart Cover with its magnet magic, and we also told you about an amazing real-wood cover that works in the same way, from Miniot, and also some covers and cases from XGear and Laptop Tailors. There are some other great gizmos for the iPad 2 though, which have been helpfully rounded up by Anna Attkisson over on Laptop. We’ll give you some details of some of the ones we like the most or you can find out more at the Laptop link above.

One that we think could be really useful is the Belkin ViewLounge. As its title suggests it’s a handy viewing mount for your iPad 2, whether you’re lounging on your sofa or lying in bed. The stand has a beanbag base which moulds to whichever surface it’s on and this accessory costs $29.99. For other Belkin iPad accessories see here. The Booq Booqpad is another great accessory. It’s a case that carries your iPad 2 and includes a notepad and pockets for stationery, pens, business cards etc. It’s available in 5 colors for $49.95.

If you can’t resist working while you’re on vacation you could try the Scosche freeKEY water-resistant wireless keyboard, which is so flexible that it can roll up. The cost is $59.99 and it also features a retractable USB cable for charging. For other Scosche iPad accessories see here. Another idea that’s particularly great with the summer almost upon us is the iLUV Glare-Free Screen Protector. This is a piece of film that costs $24.99 that easily attaches to your iPad screen and reduces glare.

The last idea we have for you is extremely cool and is the Jawbone Jambox. Although this is priced at $199 it’s a wireless speaker that looks really stylish and will give you ten hours of continuous play. It also comes in 4 colours, black, red, gray and blue.
Hopefully these will give you a good idea of what great accessories there are around for the iPad 2. Have you got a favorite iPad 2 accessory that we’ve not mentioned here? Maybe you could share it with us by sending us your comments.