Appy Awards 2011: Angry Birds & Facebook Winners

We have always wondered what the ultimate app out there is and now we have an idea after a special awards ceremony was held. It may come as no surprise that Angry Birds ruled the roost, picking up 2 major awards. Facebook’s mobile app was also amongst the winners last night.

The Appy Awards were held in London on April 11th, being sponsored by the Carphone Warehouse. Their experts narrowed down 50 of the best apps in 10 categories and users had the chance to vote for their favourite. The categories were for best game, fashion, lifestyle, money, music, photography, sport, time saver, time waster and travel. The big prize was app of the year and there is no guessing who won that.

Rovio’s smash hit seller Angry Birds swooped the best game and app of the year awards thanks to its huge popularity amongst smartphone owners. It is the most downloaded mobile game on paid and free versions for iOS and Android, with the latest edition Rio, amassing over 10 million downloads in its first 10 days of availability.

Facebook on the other hand was expected to do well but was beaten to the coveted app of the year prize. The social networking giant did win in a category, but it was in the best time waster category. Never the less, a win is a win. Other winners included Amazon, Skype and Adobe; the full list of winners can be found on BBC’s Newsbeat. Leave us your thoughts on the winners and if it was what you expected.