Apple iPad 2 “No-Glasses” 3D: VIDEO Bears All

Apple’s iPad 2 tablet may have been released just a month ago and although many of you are no doubt getting used to life with your new device, others have been busy experimenting with what the iPad 2 can do in other ways? We are talking about the use of 3D no-glasses technology which is finding its way to many smartphones, TVs, gaming consoles and so on.

BGR reported that the latest idea is to use the tablet device as well as what it known as “head tracking,” an idea set by a team of researchers at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction (EHCI), and after experimentation the aim was to see how the iPad 2 with 3D was affected. To see this in all its glory the team made up of Laurence Nigay and Jeremie Francone have kindly put together a video which you can see below.

You will see from the clip underneath, that as reported, by using the tablet’s front facing camera and leaving out the use of the accelerometer, as well as using head tracking software, the effect of 3D can be achieved.

Give us your thoughts on this experiment? Would you have liked to see 3D on the new tablet or perhaps its a feature Steve Jobs could consider for the next generation rumored to be showcased towards the end of 2011/2012?