YouTube Sees Out-Of-Control Tractor Causing Havoc At Walmart

Online video sharing site YouTube as the majority of us are aware, is used mainly for uploading, sharing and then viewing of video content, and was initially set up back in 2005 by three former PayPal employees. As the site grows by the day in terms of popularity, it is now being used as a way for people to advertise themselves be it a company or maybe an individual with a hidden talent such as singing or playing of an instrument.

If you take a look at the video below you will see a tractor, of course for farming purposes, circling around a Walmart car park in Richmond Hill, Ontario in Canada, but with no driver. As Mashable reported, although the tractor wasn’t moving at high speed, its the destruction it caused in his path. The video shows the tractor just aimlessly moving around and around, then its starts to bash its way into stationary cars and so on. The culprit(s) responsible for setting the tractor off are still unknown, and it seems onlookers preferred to keep their distance rather than intervene, but then who would?

Its scary to think what would have happened if the Walmart car park was full of cars and members of the public. This story then would no doubt have a different ending?

Take a look at the viral video below and give us your thoughts on it. Would you have tried to stop the tractor?