YouTube Introduces Live Streaming

YouTube is the number 1 site for video sharing with anything and everything available for your viewing pleasure. It was coming and now YouTube finally has live streaming so that users can put on live shows for any viewers around the globe who are interested.

You can start your live streaming by visiting “” where selected channels will be broadcast first, according to Cnet. There is currently live sports being streamed with Indian premier cricket, and also gaming with mortal combat being brought from Machinima. Follow the YouTube link to begin watching the stream immediately on the Google owned site.

Live streaming was trialled back in September 2010 and now is being made a permanent feature. At the moment it is not available to all users, but will eventually be added to the site where uploaders can turn on the live stream button. Users who wish to broadcast live should visit “My videos and playlists”, where a new event can be created. All live streams must be scheduled, it is not like just turning on a webcam and going live right away.

This new move will open the door to a variety of different options that YouTube have been playing with such as live streaming of major sports events such as Basketball, Hockey and European Soccer. Another idea was celebrity channels were the most popular and well known starts would be paid huge sums to create their own channels and upload original content like home videos. Both would rake in masses of viewers and increase advertising revenue. Do you like the idea of live streaming on YouTube? Let us know in the comments.