UK Mobile Users Wasting £200 A Year On Wrong Contract Tariff

With the huge variety of smartphones out on the market for us to help ourselves to, in most cases we cant help but want the extra goodies that come with it. All you can eat internet, unlimited minutes and texts, the list goes on. However are we really getting our money’s worth when the dreaded bill slips through the letter box each month?

A research group called Billmonitor has taken a look at mobile phone contracts in the UK from the major network providers like Orange, O2, Vodafone and T-Mobile (not 3) to see if customers are using all of the features that they are paying for. The results showed that they did not, in fact the average UK mobile user on a contract wastes £200 a year because they are on the wrong contract, according to BBC News.

Most consumers do not use all of their allocated minutes and would be better suited on a lower level tariff. Contracts on high end smartphones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry range from £20-£60 a month. Cnet has reported that on average Brits are wasting a staggering £4.9bn a year on mobiles, with the survey being carried out on 28,417 bills.

I was one of those customers who was not getting the most out of a contract, paying £35 a month when I was only using around 300 texts a month and less than half of my minutes. I chose not to renew the contract with Orange and opted for pay as you go; now I only pay £10 a month and get the same service I was getting on my contract. There are so many PAYG deals out there so if you are feeling the squeeze from your contract, take a look around because you could save a lot of money. Leave us your contract habits in the comments section. Are you getting your money’s worth?