Samsung’s 3D Deal: More Glasses For Cheaper

With the whole 3D scene not taking off as well as the big manufacturers would have liked, action has been taken. It is Samsung who have made the move to make their 3 dimensional offerings more appealing by slashing the prices off their glasses and throwing in an extra pair.

One of the biggest turn offs about the 3D TVs is firstly the fact you have to wear glasses, secondly you normally only get 1 or 2 pairs included and thirdly the extra pairs of glasses you have to buy to please the family don’t come cheap. We are not talking cheap cinema plastic here, the flashy active shutter glasses sharply improve the 3D image and can cost up to £100 a pair! Samsung has announced starting from April 24th 2 pairs of glasses will be included in all 3D TVs, as reported by Cnet.

This may make consumers feel more tempted to pick up a 3D TV, but 2 pairs of glasses included should really be mandatory. If that is a boost for potential buyers then they will love the next deal Samsung are offering. The extra pairs of glasses that would normally be needed our now being slashed to much cheaper and reasonable prices. Now the SSG-3100GB 3D glasses are going to be sold for around $50 from May 1st according to Geeky Gadgets.

We are trusting that another feature of the deal is that the prices of the TVs will stay the same, or this promotion will just be pointless. If you love all things 3D and are planning to venture out to the cinema this summer and see Transformers 3 in 3D, then follow the link to see a special hybrid of 3D glasses and toy mask, which has been dubbed the “cine-mask.” You will be pleasantly amused. What is your take on Samsung’s 3D deals?