iPad 2 as Educational Tool: One for Each Child?

We have previously talked about the educational use of the iPad and recently told how even Toys R Us could begin selling the Apple iPad 2 in May. We have now heard of plans for the iPad 2 to be used as an educational tool with one school district in the US planning to make an iPad 2 available to each child, from as early as the age of 5.

In Auburn, Maine, the Auburn School Committee voted unanimously for the iPad 2 to be used as a learning tool. The pilot scheme will ensure that every public school card in its area will have access to an iPad 2 both in school and to take home, according to a report on ITProPortal. CNN interviewed schools district superintendent, Tom Morill who said that the iPad 2 would be “more important than a book.”

Some parents though have qualms about the costs involved, although Apple has agreed to sell the tablets at a reduced rate, while there are also concerns about putting such an expensive device in the hands of children. The budget to supply all of the iPad 2’s needed is $200,000 to start with and there are claims that grants and donations are being sought for the scheme. We also posted details recently about a child-friendly tablet, which we called “early iPad training” and also reported how tech skills were outpacing life skills for kids so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at children using devices such as the iPad 2 for learning.

You may also be interested in an article about this on the Mail Online which has various reactions to the move. What are your thoughts on this? In an ideal world would every child have an iPad, surely it’s just moving with the times? You may have very different opinions so why not let us know.