Facebook’s Chinese Takeover- Will It Happen?

Facebook’s Asian efforts have been strengthened once again after Tweets claimed that Mark Zuckerberg et al had made a deal with a huge Chinese search engine to develop a new social network, which could be the Asian version of Facebook.

The latest news is that Facebook are taking operations over to Asia by signing a deal with Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google which is worth an estimated $50 billion according to Mashable. The talk is that China will have their own social network of sorts, which will not be directly linked to the same site that we all use and love. We recently saw how Facebook updated their mobile service so that the 2 versions joined to become 1.

The Facebook and Baidu partnership rumour has materialised from a series of tweets from Hu Yanping, the founder of the Data Centre of the China Internet more commonly known as DCCI. According to Yanping, Facebook has already signed an official contract to create said social network in China. It was also reported that Baidu visited Facebook’s headquarters in February.

You have to question whether China’s strict stance on views and censorship will impact the success of the Asian version of Facebook. They will look at the protests and uprisings in Libya and Egypt and be very cautious as to what the users can do. After all the Chinese government recently blocked Gmail in the country and tried to pin it on Google, who checked and discovered there was no problem on their end. Can the social network succeed? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.