Apple’s Firm Grip On Tablet Market Good Until 2015

We recently saw how Android is set to own the smartphone market for the next few years in a study by Gartner. The same company has done another survey, this time on the tablet market and the figures are looking a little different this time around.

As you may have expected when it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad clears up and nothing at the moment gets close to it. With the recent release of the iPad 2 it has further strengthened their position in the tablet market, with Android’s tablets having to settle for second best. It is not until 2015 that Apple will relinquish some of their power and the huge market share gap will begin to close.

According to Mashable, the figures suggest that Android will gain some ground on Apple by 2012 as their current market share of 68.7% will drop to 63.5% by next year. Apple’s loss is Android’s gain, as their market share will rise from 19.9% to 24.4% by 2012. By 2015 Apple will have a 47.1% share of the tablet market which is still the majority; however a decrease in dominance never the less.

Android on the other hand will contro
l 38.6% of the market which is a tasty increase and the main reason why Apple’s share has decreased. From 2011-2015 Android’s tablet market share will increase every year with the Samsung Galaxy tab and Motorola Xoom leading the way, according to USA Today. RIM’s QNX, which powers BlackBerry PlayBook will have a 10% share with all other OS’s combining for a weak 4.2%.

You can see who the main players are then, the same old names competing in a similar market. It appears that when it comes to smartphones and tablets, it will always be Android and Apple engaging in the tech tug of war. What is your preference when it comes to operating systems in smartphones and tablets? Let us know if you are team Android, team Apple or a fan of Blackberry.