StumbleUpon Rack Up A Massive 1 Billion Hits Per Month

StumbleUpon which initially launched in 2001 is now celebrating a huge milestone with some 1 billion stumbles being reported per month, that’s an increase of 200 million from the month of March. Pretty impressive you will have to agree. For anyone who may not be familiar with what the service provides, then lets give you an overall feel for what it gives to you the user.

The site gives the opportunity to share web content, rate photos, videos and so on. Users can either “Like” individual postings or automatically share something that may interest you as well as other people. When we reported on StumbleUpon back in February we gave you news of their participation in the Super Bowl XLV event and to date then, it had a member figure of at least 13,973,446 and it keeps rising.

As well as the service now celebrating this amount of stumbles, Mashable reported they have just managed to clinch a second bout of funding totalling in excess of $17 million. The rapid explosion of popularity as stated, can only be down to the simplicity and fun aspect of the site.

The one feature that stands out StumbleUpon from others such as Facebook and Twitter, is the mere fact that once you have accessed the site, you can just click the stumble button with the enjoyment of just being sent to any topic. Every time you either Like or Dislike an item, StumbleUpon becomes aware of what you enjoy and makes sure that your experience improves every time.

Let us know if you are a fan of StumbleUpon? What’s the best thing about the service?