iPad 2 Zaggmate Case, Stand & Keyboard: Release April 19th

We all love the iPad 2 here at OSM, and once you have secured your very own tablet all you want to do is protect it from harm. Now while we were impressed with Apple’s own louvered paneling on its Smart Cover, it still left the back of the device unprotected.

As you may remember we reported on another protective solution, and while this gave the rear covering that we desired, there was always going to be space for something new.

Well Mashable reported on a new hard casing from Logitech named the Zaggmate Keyboard Case. As the title suggests this protective aluminum shell not only gives your iPad 2 extra security, it also provides a keyboard to turn the tablet into a sort of laptop.

By supporting the slate in either portrait or landscape formats the Zaggmate reveals its keyboard. Charging comes from a USB connection while Bluetooth marries the two devices together. If you are concerned that such a lot of technology will make you sleek iPad a bit chunky then fear not, as the case and keyboard combo manages to come in at just .54-inches.

As the Wall Street Journal discovered, the partnership between Logitech and Zagg gives Logitech full reign on marketing and manufacturing of the case, while Zagg still contain the ability to sell direct from its website.

Prices may sway your decision to buy at $100 when it starts to ship on April 19, but lets remember that for this you get complete protection, a stand and of course the keyboard. For those that still have the original iPad, Zagg offers a similar case with or without the keyboard.

Does the thought of a built-in keyboard appeal to you, or would you rather go for something far cheaper and simpler?