iPad 2 Hong Kong Release: Still Lagging Behind, Any Hope?

Since its official launch just a month ago, Apple’s iPad 2 has no doubt received mixed reactions from many of you. With what was hoped to be a straightforward release, has ended up with many people still not receiving their cherished tablet devices due to shipping delays, although just yesterday we did have news that some iPad 2s were being delivered early with accessories such as the Smart Cover coming after.

Hong Kong according to 3anime.com is still waiting for the iPad 2 to actually be released let alone customers actually getting their hands on one. As this present time, it is still unclear as to what the hold up is, but Apple have said that they will definitely be getting it sometime during April but no concrete date has been allocated.

The country is patiently waiting for news, but for some retailers, it seems they have already taken other measures by accessing the tablets and pricing them for twice their current value.

In a recent statement from Apple‘s main man Steve Jobs he said, “We’re experiencing amazing demand for the iPad 2 in the US, and customers around the world have told us they can’t wait to get their hands on it. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are working hard to build enough iPad’s for everyone.”

What are your thoughts on Hong Kong having to wait? Are you indeed one of those waiting and feeling disappointed by the news? Let us know.

  • Rich

    Maddy, I had the same concerns in terms of delays in the Asian market.
    As such, on a recent business trip to London, I decided to pick a couple of 64GB 3G's while there.
    I'm only going to end up needing one, so if you can't endure this persistent wait, let me know :)

  • Steve Arn

    At least waiting times are starting to ease in the US. iPad2Tracker.com almost always shows stores with available inventory. As the shortage eases here in the US, it really shouldn’t be too long until the iPad 2 shows up in Hong Kong. I promise you, it’s well-worth the wait.

  • Geoffrey Horesman

    I need 2, I my GF has ipad 1, and I have an Archos, After being disappointed with the Android, and seeing how much better the ipad is, I promise to upgrade my GF and get my self an IPAD 2. but this lack of news, and unwillingness by the apple store to take a deposit is bloody annoying, a friend came back from Australia with a spare, so I paid the Shop price that includes the australian Tax, for my GF, and she is over the moon, but I still wait, and nothing comes through, I dare not buy a US or YUK one because the 3G sim is locked, and I refuse to do the Jail brake becaue I want it to work, and apps are not expensive. It would even be nice if Apple limit the pads to 1 per person, and give preference to those who have an ipad 1.

  • Jakbkk

    why should ipad2 owners get preference? i own an iPod Nano 3G, current iPod Nano, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and a 13" Macbook Aluminum…..shouldn't i get better treatment? i think the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis would be fair for all.