Dell and ROI: Social Media Marketing Lessons

Here at OSM we write many articles about social media marketing and recent posts have included a look at the social media ROI cycle and also mistakes to avoid when using Facebook marketing. Today we have news on one of the leading companies using social media marketing today, Dell, and how it achieves ROI, (return on investment).

A lot of resources are now put into social media marketing by businesses but tracking ROI is a difficult thing to achieve. Andy Sernovitz over on Smartblogs brings us interesting news of a presentation that was recently made by Adam Brown, Dell’s Director of Social Media, at its BlogWell Conference down in Texas. You can see a video of Brown’s presentation, “Winning in the Social Media Space,” at the SmartBlogs link above.

Some of the ideas discussed include using the TechCenter Community. By doing so Dell could make links between positive mentions of Dell and people actually buying products, thereby showing ROI. Another piece of advice was employing user-generated content. By putting a rating a review system in place on its various social media platforms Dell noticed that customers reading that content were 138% more likely to purchase.

Dell also makes use of its Social Media Command Center where social media mentions are tracked and analyzed so that Dell is really aware of what its customers are saying, and listening to what its customers want. Are you in a business that is using social media marketing? Did you find anything useful in Brown’s presentation? Let us know with your comments.