1948 Nikon I To Go At Auction May 28th: Are You A Collector?

There are all sorts of collectors over the world, from stamps to toys, or stuffed animals to antique furniture. Up and down the country auction houses cater for every enthusiasts dream. This time however we are calling out to those of you that like to collect something a bit special.

Photographers or indeed anyone that has a mild interest in picture capturing devices, will have heard the name Nikon. Synonymous with high-end camera technology, this company has been part of the photography world since July 1917.

Obviously having been around for this amount of time, the company has harvested a huge range of cameras, but they all had to start somewhere. This is where the WestLicht Photographica Auction steps into the lime light.

As Ubergizmo points out, the auction held on May 28th should be marked on the calender of anyone who collects antique cameras or even just old school paraphernalia. This is because the Nikon I, will make its debut ready for selling to the highest bidder. With a model number of 60924, this camera dates back to 1948 and happens to be only the third unit that Nikon produced.

With such a high demand for this very rare device, prices are said to hit between 140,000 and 160,000 Euros. A hefty tag we are sure you will agree, but a veritable bargain considering the history that such a camera holds.

Check out the WestLicht Auction here to see what other fine antiquities will be available under the hammer, and tell us how much you would fork out for an antique snapper?