How To Undo Facebook Business Profile Conversion

For all you Facebook fans out there who keep up with the recent changes that they have been implementing, you will probably already be aware that the social network has removed the post button from commenting on other people’s posts. This has been changed to a simple tap on the enter key.

Another change includes the fact that you can now amend your personal Facebook profile page and convert it into a business page. The only problem is there was no going back once you had made that change, only… Now there is a possibility of reversing the process! That being the case we wanted to inform you of how to undo your Facebook business profile conversion to help you get it back to how it was before.

Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as you would think; it’s not something that you can physically do yourself. Instead you need to contact the Facebook help centre team on this link. We learned through’s Jackie Cohen that you would need to submit a form and submit it with a few details.

We are guessing that this has come about because of the lack of functionality to interchange between a business profile and a personal profile as this is pretty new. It’s more than likely that they received a number of complains about going through the change and not being able to go back.

How many of you have changed your personal profiles to business ones and wanted to change them back? Let us know how you get on if you try this process out in the comments section below.

  • Cnexehv

    me, but i get no reaction on the appeal.. i want my personal profile back :(