Facebook Use Fosters Sin According To Parish

We have certainly heard some tales about Facebook both good and bad such as the such as the teacher who was suspended because of badmouthing students, April Fool’s Day jokes and what you did and of course the bigamist who was busted by his first wife on Facebook.

Today we have something else to report on, it’s to do with Facebook use apparently fostering sin, and this is according to a Parish in Chicago. Something that Jackie Cohen of allfacebook.com points out though is Facebook doesn’t instill anything that isn’t already there.

Apparently the St.John Cantius Parish leaders think that the families need to be freeing their children of dishonesty and vanity which they believe are caused by Facebook. They believe that the site helps the younger generation to go against their parents and that it offers feelings of lust. Check out this statement below from their leaders.

We believe that this is a case of misguidance; if a young person wants to go ahead and do certain things then they will off their own back. We don’t think it’s necessarily Facebook that’s the cause, we are wondering if this is a case of passing the buck. Surely adults can bring up their children and talk to them about the issues they raise in their statement can’t they?

What do you think? Is the church encroaching freedom of speech here? Let us know in the comments section below.