Facebook & Twitter Terror Alerts: Your Thoughts?

When it comes to the uses of social media and social networking they certainly have many of them between the likes of Twitter and Facebook. These two giants of the world continue to grow in terms of numbers of members with Facebook well over 500 million now.

Facebook is great for keeping in contact with friends and family that are perhaps living elsewhere or in other regions of the world but it is evolving to become a part of your everyday life. The constant changes keep people interested as they cannot wait to try out the new functionality but now all of it is welcomed; take the memorable status updates for example. Now we can inform you that Facebook & Twitter will receive terror alerts and we want your thoughts on it.

We heard about this through Mashable’s Charlie White where he has compiled a report saying that the new types of warning will be installed to the sites and usable on April 27th. White managed to get hold of an article published by the Associated Press that tells us that there will be two additional levels of warning added to the list including ‘Elevated’ and ‘Imminent’.

Over at allfacebook.com author Jackie Cohen is also reporting on the new additions to the social networks and mentions that users only see one in ten of the things that go through the news feed! That would mean that there’s a high probability that the update would be missed. As for Twitter perhaps a better place to put this would be with the trending topics, surely people are more likely to see something like this there aren’t they?

Can you think of a better way of adding the terror alerts to Facebook and Twitter? Maybe they could add it in place of some of the annoying advertisements showing what level your region is at?!