Apple iPad 2 Available May In Toys R Us: Best Buy Punished?

Since its launch nearly a month ago, Apple’s iPad 2 has certainly had its fair share of mixed reactions mainly good, despite many customers either having trouble actually sourcing the device or experiencing shipping delays. But if a recent rumor turns out to be true, then the tablet may be available at toy retailer Toys R Us during the month of May.

According to via a report from, it seems that although there has been talk in the past about the big retailer taking on the iPad, this may become more of a reality. The news comes from a person who has been reported as an unknown source working for the toy giants.

As well as this latest rumor from ModMyi, there are leaked photos including a fact sheet (seen above) for Toys R Us staff in line with the iPad 2, so indications are pointing to a big chance of it happening. As well as the above retailer, the tablet device is available from other stores including RadioShack, Target, Verizon Wireless and Walmart.

Surprisingly enough today’s news although not set in stone, is that retailer Best Buy have had their stocks of the iPad 2 frozen, therefore making it difficult to now sell the tablet. This comes from news according to that Apple had found Best Buy had set themselves a daily quota for sales of the device, and when some customers had been asking for the purchase of the iPad, Best Buy were turning away customers due to their assigned figure.

Give us your thoughts on either of the 2 rumors above, be it news of Toys R Us selling the iPad 2 and whether you think that the iPad 2 is child friendly? Head on over to PCWorld for results from kiddie proof tests carried out. Or tell us your feelings towards Best Buy, have you had difficulty getting a tablet from them?