Social Media “Remember Me” Campaign To Find WWII Survivors

Over some time now, we have brought you various pieces of news in relation to the use of social media, and how it can benefit many people be it, individuals or even the smaller and larger organisations. As well as promoting brands, social media and the use of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been used as part of a specific campaign be it to promote the health industry, automobiles, to find a missing person and so on, but today the latest plan is to find children who may have survived World War II.

According to, it is hoped that the new campaign named, “Remember Me” and the use of internet sites will be able to locate and bring together more than 1,100 war survivors. As many of us are aware at the start of WWII, a huge number of children were separated from their nearest and dearest and evacuated to homes further a field where they would seek safe refuge.

A museum in America “The Holocaust Memorial Museum” located in Washington DC which has set up the campaign is keen to find any survivors to try and bring them together and hear their personal stories. The museum has set up a video showing photographs of children from that exact time during WWII and in order to find individuals, the museum has tried to contact members of that person’s family.

Give us your thoughts on the U.S Museum turning to social media? Is this a good thing or should we leave the past well alone? Do you yourself know a survivor or have been contacted by the museum?