Real Estate Takes On Social Media: Infographic Bears All

As more and more businesses take on the idea of social media with the aim of increasing their customer base and potentially increasing their sales revenue, news in today is that the real estate industry are too expressing an interest.

In recent weeks here at OSM, we have covered a wide range of topics including the advantages and also the pitfalls of possibly taking on the world of social media, along with the types of people that are engaging in such an activity.

As Mashable pointed out, the world of property i.e real estate has now found that they can provide customers with a new and better informed service using social media. Customers can now experience online tours of specific properties, listen to more in-depth information and also source a schedule of viewing times.

In an interesting infographic from Vice President of a company called Postling “Alexis Lamster,” he has looked at some 500 postling accounts and 7,000 small business accounts to see just how the real estate field is coping with using social media. On looking at the infographic over at Mashable, you will clearly see that in terms of networking sites being used, Facebook is out in front against its rivals Twitter,
LinkedIn and so on. With over 84% now using social media, at least 77% feel comfortable using such a means.

Another interesting figure that was reached amongst others, was that of action taken as a result of an Internet Home Search. A figure of 45% was reached when customers walked through a home viewed online with a lower 21% who drove by and then viewed a property.

To find out more on the infographic head on over to Mashable.

Tell us are you in the real estate industry? Have you taken on social media and how are you finding it?

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