Apple New iPad Hybrid e-Ink LCD Display: Your Thoughts?

If news today of Apple iPad 2 sales touching the 2 million mark were not enough to wet your appetite, then reports have been coming in today of Steve Jobs company possibly creating a new iPad device incorporating a hybrid e-ink display instead of the LCD screen. Indications have showed that a new patent application has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office named, “Systems and Method for Switching Between an Electronic Paper Display and a Video Display.”

As AppleInsider pointed out, this would potentially mean that the full color screen currently being used, would then either partly or fully change to a low-power black and white e-ink (electronic paper) version for text and other content. This is something that the user would benefit from without the added problem of switching between LCD and e-ink, Apple would simply do all the work needed to provide the content in the appropriate format. As Slashgear pointed out, the new concept is like a “layered display sandwich which would combine traditional LCD and e-paper screens.”

Apple were keen to point out that by implementing the e-ink display on a new iPad, would be advantageous as a backlight would not be required to operate the tablet, therefore giving you the user, the opportunity to read content in direct sunlight. To find out more on this head on over to AppleInsider

Give us your thoughts on a new iPad with e-ink LCD display?