Android Will Control 50% Of Smartphone Market By Next Year

Following on from our recent post on Android being the UK’s favourite OS, we now have some more numbers for you that further underline their dominance in the smartphone market.

In an interesting article by Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, it appears that by 2012, Android will rule half of the smartphone market! We already know that Android is the number 1 operating system in the US, fighting off the challenge of Apple’s iOS. Gartner has been studying the smartphone market and their results show that in 2011, sales will reach a staggering 468 million worldwide. It was been predicted that Android will command 38.5% of these.

By 2012 it is widely expected that Android’s market share will sky rocket to 49.9% which is a little under half of the entire worldwide smartphone market! However strangely it has also predicted that by 2015, Android’s market share will halt and be reduced down to 18.8%. Possibly due to improvements from other companies or the introduction of a brand new OS altogether. Eweek has suggested that the huge boom in sales will come from cheaper phones, as Google et al look to slash prices to generate more business.

By 2015 the figures say that Windows Phone 7 will be Android’s biggest rival with a 19.5% share, and below is Apple who control 17.2% of the handset market. Blackberry are expected to have an 11.1% share, with any others holding 3.3%. I find it hard to believe that Windows Phone 7 will rise above the iPhone based on the success Apple have had, and the sheer popularity and publicity that has surrounded it. Leave is your feelings on these interesting predictions, will Android rule supreme in the coming years?