Verizon Pre 3 & HP Web OS (Stingray?) Handset Leaks

For those of you who want to keep up with the latest news and speculations about smartphones you may be interested in leaks today regarding two different devices. One is an HP WebOS phone and the other is said to be for the Verizon Pre 3.

The first device is a keyboard less HP WebOS handset and Richard Lai over on Engadget, speculates that this could be the Stingray, which was on a list of codenames for phones that was leaked back in November. There’s very little detail available but it appear to be bigger than the Pre 3 and a feature on the leaked image could be either a front-facing camera or a proximity sensor.

Moving on to the Pre 3 slider handset, another image clearly shows the Verizon logo on the handset. The leaks were sourced through PreCentral from an anonymous tipster and Dieter Bohn reminds us that the Pre 3 could still come to Sprint as it is equipped with both CDMA and GSM radios. Chris Davies over on SlashGear also reports on these leaks and tells us that the Pre 3 is due for release in the summer.

What are your thoughts on these leaks? It definitely looks as though the Pre 3 could be headed to Verizon but are you hoping it makes it to Sprint as well? Let us know by sending us your comments.

Source: PreCentral (HP WebOS handset) or (Verizon Pre 3)