Twitter Contemplate Facebook Style Pages: Brands Only

Whilst Facebook are normally the ones making lots of changes aesthetically and functionally, they aren’t the only large social network out there. Twitter which is growing nicely is also a favorite on the web amongst users of all ages partly down to its simplistic design and use.

Now we are hearing that Twitter are contemplating Facebook style pages but for brands only. These have been one of the successes of Facebook and as Twitter obviously wants to continue to grow this could be the next step. This would be great not only for Twitter but also for small businesses who want to expand and get their name out there to gain a bit of recognition.

We learned of this news through Mashable’s Stan Schroeder who says in his report that the changes are being lead by the CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo and their president of revenue Adam Bain. The idea is to give brands their own space on Twitter to encourage users to follow them.

When this change goes live, will Twitter lose some of the simplicity that we all enjoy… maybe? If you think about the way Facebook’s works, it’s designed entirely on a Facebook page with links going elsewhere, if Twitter wants to do something similar it would mean a few changes would be required. These imminent amendments follow the Twitter homepage changes which we reported on earlier today through Debbie Turner so check that out. There’s also further coverage of the changes that will be coming to Twitter on this link.

Do you think this is a good idea on the part of Twitter? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.