Obama Campaign 2012: Facebook TownHall Live Stream

Earlier this week we brought you news that Barack Obama had launched his 2012 presidential campaign with a YouTube video and told how social media is set to have a real impact on campaigning this time around. Now we hear news that President Obama is to hold a Facebook TownHall.

The event will be livestreamed on April 20 at 1:45pm PST, that’s 4:45pm EST. The news comes to us from Jackie Cohen over on All Facebook, and to submit questions to the president you’ll need to head to the White House webpage here. If you want to watch the event you need to check out the White House Facebook page here and click ‘like.’

You’ll be urged to RSVP your ‘attendance’ for the town hall and you’ll also be able to invite friends to join in by ‘liking’ the page too. You can also submit questions via this route too. Another feature that may interest you, also on All Facebook, is a vote about whether Facebook will help Obama get re-elected. Various options include such answers as, “If he can retain what Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes taught him during Obama’s first presidential campaign, then yes, a good campaign on the social network could get him re-elected.” One of the alternative answers is, “Whether Obama makes empty promises on Facebook or on other types of media, he’ll still fail,” so there should be an option to suit you. As of this moment the majority, 42.4%, agree with the latter of these two answers but you can still vote at the link above.

The use of live Facebook events is not new to President Obama. Only last month he was involved in a live Facebook event tackling cyber-bullying. The use of Facebook and other forms of social media in politics continues to grow and will no doubt have an increasing impact. What are your thoughts on Obama’s 2012 campaign and social media?