New Twitter Homepage: Do You Like It?

Yesterday we gave you news about a new viral Twitter worm but today’s Twitter news is very different. If you haven’t already looked at your Twitter account today then we can tell you that when you do, you may just notice a few changes to the homepage. The new Twitter homepage is now being rolled out and one of the most obvious changes that you’ll notice is the change from the light blue background to a darker more metallic look with a map imprint in the background.

My own Twitter homepage has yet to change but no doubt it will be coming soon and for now Ben Parr over on Mashable has described the main changes to the homepage. The new interface certainly has a cleaner and simpler feel and is also designed to be more appealing to new users. If you’re a Twitter beginner you will now be able to sign up from the homepage and another change is that the “sign in” area has been expanded.

Also instead of showing trending topics or top tweets the new homepage is styled to show a bar with avatars of some popular users halfway down the page. The home page blurb has also been changed, hopefully to attract new users by explaining a little more what Twitter is all about. Whereas it used to say, “Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world,” under the new changes it will read, “Follow your interests: Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.”

We know that sometimes people can be a little perturbed by changes to their favorite social networking sites but from what we’ve seen so far the new homepage looks pretty good. We’d love to know if you’ve already received the rollout of the new homepage and what you think of it so please do send us your comments.