Best Of A Normal Day: Astonishing YouTube Video Goes Viral

At OSM we like to bring you the videos that pull in a whole heap of views and tell you all about them. Some of the ones we have seen recently include the young Japanese Messi, a fan video of a fake Angry Birds movie and of course Shawn Michaels receiving his hall of fame ring from Vince McMahon.

Today we have another one for you and it is called the Best of a Normal Day, this astonishing YouTube video has gone viral and whilst there are some pretty good tricks and throws on it there is one flaw in the video that screams out fake.

The one that has gone viral is in fact a shortened version containing the best bits of the full one; it’s the full one where we noticed something a little odd that didn’t quite tally up with the video. Check them both out at the bottom of the article as always and on the second video look at 2:15 seconds in, you can see he misses the shot!

None the less, fake or real it’s still a great video. You have to wonder just how long it took them to complete it as there are a lot of throws and some pretty unusual ones too.

What do you guys think of the videos? Real or fake and did they amaze you? Let us know in the comments section below.