Aaron Lennon Blasts Spurs Boss Harry Redknapp On Twitter

In recent times we have seen many sportsmen taking to Twitter to have a rant or to poke fun at referees (Ryan Babel). A recent report that we added was about serial tweeter Rio Ferdinand and how he was defending Wayne Rooney’s weekend mishaps of swearing down the camera.

They aren’t the only ones who use it; Amir Khan has left Twitter ahead of his big fight but today we have a bit of controversy to report to you. Remember the spanking that Spurs took against Real Madrid and a certain player being left out just before the game? Well that player was Aaron Lennon and he has blasted his boss Harry Redknapp on Twitter.

Redknapp explained that the pacey winger Lennon was ill just before the game so had to amend the starting lineup without him in it. We found an article over on the talksport Facebook page saying that Redknapp’s claims of illness was “bull S%£@”.

Lennon tweeted “saying I fell ill be4 the game is bull**** I fell ill on sunday morning where the med team put me on anti botics, but got worse b4 tues”. Perhaps a little unprofessional of Lennon but if the claim is true then perhaps Redknapp has him in the starting lineup to begin with to give Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho something to think about; remember Lennon is ridiculously quick.

There’s been another tweet that has gone onto his profile not very long ago saying that he didn’t want to miss the game and that he will not be made out to be a scapegoat. Check out Aaron Lennon’s Twitter on this link.

What do you think will happen next? I smell a fine coming from Tottenham…

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