Thanko’s Cassette Mate Dusts Off Old Tapes & Converts To MP3

Cassette tapes, now there is an item that for some will hold many fond memories, and for others (read younger generation) will mean little to them. Without giving away my age, I remember back when I was just a kid spending hours in my room creating mix tapes on my Midi Hi-Fi.

Your cassette recorder was the best way of saving and storing musical greats, or simply just connecting up a microphone to record your own dulcet tones. But what happened to the catalog of hours spent with your machine? Probably boxed up and now covered in years of dust in the loft.

Well now is the time to relive those early days with the help of Thanko. As Ubergizmo report, the company has just released a device to convert all those forgotten recordings into current MP3 format.

When I first saw the pictures of the Cassette Mate converter, I couldn’t help but think how much it looked like an old Walkman. But with this clever device, you simply have to slot in your old tape, link it up to your PC, install the software which will then transfer everything into MP3.

It really is that easy, and as Geek Stuff 4U mention the Cassette Mate is powered by two AA batteries or by the USB connection to your home computer. Pricing shouldn’t be an issue either with a cost of $30, how can you turn down the opportunity to bring back those old memories?