Sony Shows Off Newest Home Cinema Blu-ray Range

With all of the recent hype surrounding Sony’s smartphone’s like the Xperia Play, most of their over products have been left to stand in the shadows. We like to report on all of Sony’s offerings and have some of their latest Blu-ray players and home cinema surround sound systems to share with you.

There are 3 new home cinema systems on offer and we will begin with the BDV-EF200. Sony’s flagship surround sound systems are carrying crystal clear 2.1 surround sound and come packed with 3D and Blu-ray playback, Bravia internet video, movie streaming and rental via LoveFilm, catch up with BBC iPlayer and much more! The EF200 has 2 HDMI inputs, iPhone and iPod docking and a USB port.

The BDV-L600 has everything the EF200 has to offer but has more to give. As an extra the player has 3D surround sound, which Sony say comes with 2 front speakers “that deliver cinematic 3D sound with S-Force PRO Front Surround 3D technology.” You will also benefit from the player’s multi setting design and universal remote, as well as Wi-Fi and the ability to be controlled by an Android or iOS device.

We now move on to the BDP-S780 which has a little more than the L600, as it comes with video calling via Skype, according to Tech Radar. Also accompanying Sony’s device is a noise reduction system and the amazing ability to upscale ordinary 2D images into full 3D, as reported by T3.

All of the models we have spoken about are due out soon, but no pricing or specific date has been given. Luckily the EF200 is available to pre-order from Sony and is shipping for £350. Let us know your thoughts on these new super home cinema systems and if you plan to splash out on one.