Quora Q & A Platform: Social Site Anatomy & Numbers

Many of us know about Quora, the online Q & A community, and recently we told about how to improve your chances in job searching by using Quora. How much do we really know about the site though? You may be surprised at the anatomy and numbers involved in this Q & A platform, which come to us in the form of an infographic.

We really enjoy a good infographic here at OSM and recent examples have included one about April Fools’ while another was about women and Facebook. This Quora infographic entitled, “The Wonderful World of Quora” has been brought to our attention by Jolie O’Dell on Mashable and the infographic itself is from a web analytics company, KISSmetrics with the help of Quora user, Semil Shah. The infographic shows in an easily-digestible form, some facts and statistics about the social site.

Firstly the infographic shows many of the different ways to use Quora, from the normal questions and answers, to voting on answers, filing responses and also private messaging. A really fascinating aspect of the infographic is an illustration of the anatomy of Quora, which is far too complicated to try to explain, but just take a look at the full infographic below and you’ll see what I mean.

The amount of estimated registered users on Quora is also shown and in January this year there were 547,777. Believe it or not that means a growth rate of 37,000% from the same time last year when there were only 1,470 registered users. There’s also a look at the most common topics on Quora, which include startups, entrepreneurship, food, science and technology. One more statistic we’ll give you may astonish you as much as it did us. It seems that 5 Quora users have now answered more than 10,000 questions. Now that’s going some!

What are your thoughts on the infographic and on Quora itself? Are you a Quora user and if so what is it about the site that you find so useful? Let us know with your comments please.